Millions of weddings take place every year, but analysts are predicting 2021 will be the busiest ever year for the wedding industry. Planned 2021 weddings are combining with postponed 2020 weddings to create a bumper wedding calendar, all through the year!

According to the wedding planning app Bridebook, 64% of 2020 weddings were postponed – with an estimated 400,000 weddings now being planned for next year in the UK alone. With so much extra time for brides to plan their big day, we’re expecting some serious thought to be put into decor – and those customers are looking for inspiration now!

2021 Wedding Trends

Here we take a look at upcoming trends and how to maximize sales opportunities for the year ahead!

More Outdoor Weddings

Stylists and wedding planners are reporting an upsurge in bookings for outdoor weddings – with tents and marquees a favorite for romantic, airy ambience.

Fairy lights and striking balloon decor are sure to play a part in many decoration themes – so advertise your services now!

Smaller, More Intimate Weddings

Whether it’s due to social distancing guidelines or increased competition for venues, the “micro-wedding” is trending up – with significant increases in web searches for “simple” and “garden” wedding themes. Smaller guest lists (coupled with fewer exotic honeymoons due to travel concerns), means brides are likely to consider spending a higher percentage of their budget on decor and then “capturing the moment” in beautiful photographs.

There are excellent opportunities to promote your services for “everything wedding” from the Bachelorette party, to the bride’s home, through to the ceremony and reception.

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Year-Round Wedding Season

More weddings all year round, and more outdoor weddings, means working with the weather and with the available daylight the whole year through. More events are predicted to take place earlier in the day (“brunch weddings” are trending up) and all through the winter months, so you may need to make adjustments to your typical wedding planning schedules.

Promote the fact that you are taking advanced bookings now and be sure to showcase outdoor designs for all seasons in your communications!

Make a Lasting Impression!

A recent study found 79% of couples were planning on creating a wedding website and more people are considering “live-streaming” their ceremony to allow guests who can’t attend to join the celebrations. This trend, coupled with the increasing demand for “Insta-worthy” content means great backdrops and great photos are a MUST for today’s couples.

Help couples make a real impression by inspiring them with show-stopping balloon decor!

Buying Local

The COVID pandemic has increased everyone’s focus on “buying local” and supporting small local businesses – and brides are sure to embrace this trend.

Check out opportunities to promote your services at local venues, on neighborhood social media pages and in local press and magazines.

Color Trends

While the trend for “natural / green and white” weddings is still strong, we are also seeing more couples leaning into bold, colorful weddings and away from whites and creams. Couples are pushing the typical ideas of wedding decor and moving in the direction of fun, bright and happy; incorporating all sorts of colors in their stationery, decor and foods.

Autumnal color palettes of mustard, buttery yellows and ochres are proving popular on wedding inspiration sites right now and this year’s trends for grey, pink, sage and blush color schemes are sure to continue.

Promote your color matching services – download the Qualatex latex and double stuffing color charts and showcase in store and online.

Action Item List

Couples are sure to spend time planning over the Christmas and New Year period – so make sure you are first to capture their imagination (and their business) by promoting your services from now!

Free Marketing Images

Download these beautiful wedding photos to promote wedding decor on your social media channels. 

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