Whether you call them wreaths or hoops, these organic decor pieces have become a staple of many decorators' portfolios. We've brought together tips from some industry experts in creating these circular designs!

This 2-part series from Dominic Cassidy, CBA, and Keith Stirman, CBA, is full of thoughtful tips to assemble a wreath efficiently and creatively! Part one focuses on simple, small wreaths, while part two addresses more complex and larger designs. Click here for a collection of images that you may share with your customers for inspiration!


Sue Bowler’s 5 Tips for Stylish Wreaths

Elegant wreaths are in demand for wedding decor. We asked Sue Bowler, CBA, of the United Kingdom, to provide her top tips for memorable wreath decor.

Choose your colors carefully so they blend together well. Remember the Principles & Elements of Design!
Double-stuffing balloons allows you to create tints, tones and shades and a much wider color palette within one hue.  Use the Qualatex Color Library for inspiration. 
Create added visual texture with glitter balloons or greenery and flowers. 
Try to keep the shape of the hoop visually round.  You can easily alter the shape with the positioning of the balloons. If in doubt, take a photograph as you are making it to more easily see problem areas.
Pre-cover the hoop by spraying with paint or wrapping it with 260Qs.

Sue's Wreath Inspiration

Splendid Spring Wreath

Ring in the spring season with this wreath of pink, orange, and yellow pastels interspersed with springtime greenery.

Whimsical Winter Wreath

Icy blues, cool violets, and placid pinks are the perfect combo for this wintry wreath to celebrate the season.  

Opulent Autumn Wreath

Luscious red, fiery orange, and resplendent yellow tones are all tied together in this amazingly autumnal wreath.

Newborn Wreath

Here’s a perfect door decoration for the parents of a newborn baby featuring The Very Best™ Balloons from Qualatex®!

Wonderful Wedding Cake Wreaths

Whip up simple but beautiful wedding cake displays with this set of three wreaths decorated with The Very Best™ Balloons.

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