We are excited to introduce a new article series titled “The World of Balloons,” where we will share individual customer stories from countries around the world!

trending_world-of-balloons.pngRecent world events have prompted many companies to reexamine cultural influence in their own workplace. Company leaders understand that success often lies in the team’s ability to understand and meet the needs of a diverse customer base.  At Pioneer Worldwide, we know that by exploring different backgrounds and journeys, we are better as individuals and as a company.

We have long known that balloons are a language of joy that transcends across all races, ethnicities, and cultures.  As the coronavirus crisis developed, it was gratifying to see how many people turned to balloon art to express a feeling of connection and celebration.  Recently reinvigorated outdoor balloon decor even made it to 78th place on People Magazine’s list of “100 Reasons to Love America”.  We actively work with a wide variety of people in over 100 countries throughout the world to teach balloon education that supports this language of emotion and universality.  We are all better together.

Amidst the happiness surrounding loosened restrictions and economies opening up, we also saw tragic behavior and actions that underscore cultural tensions in the US and throughout the world.  Not every person is treated the same, and too often, there is still mistreatment driven by race, religion, ethnicity, and personal identity.  We recognize that this is wrong, and that leadership businesses like Pioneer need to work more diligently to improve understanding and inclusiveness in everything we do.

We have always been committed to these principles, but recognize that sometimes our products, marketing, and employment composition do not reinforce this.  We, alongside many other companies, are actively developing and learning about ways to fix this and are soliciting suggestions and advice from the people who use and support our products. Together, we can use balloons to make the world a better, more inclusive and joyous place.

For over 100 years, Pioneer has inspired professionals and amateurs alike through the magic and wonder of balloons.  We want you to create and succeed without limits, and so we are eager to announce a new article series, “The World of Balloons.” In this series, we will share individual customer stories that showcase unique, cultural business challenges, solutions, and hopes for the future.   We hope you’ll find them as enlightening and action-provoking as we have. 

Read the first article in the new series to learn all about balloons in Lebanon! 

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