Adorably air-filled or high flying with helium, these medium Microfoil shapes are the key to unique balloon gifts!

Designed to float in helium-filled bouquets, or easily added into adorable air-filled designs, these balloons will be your new favorites! We created this product line with you in mind amid the helium shortage around the world.

Just a few reasons to love medium shapes:

  • Increase your profits with impressive bouquets that require less helium
  • Trendy designs to match top requested themes
  • Great for smaller air-filled deliveries and gifts

Keep an eye on this category as we release more medium shapes each season!

‘Ruff’ and Ready!

This rough and tumble pup is an adorable addition to birthday decor!
Featuring 21" shape "Cute Puppy" #27229

A Tale of a Tail!

Take a trip under the sea with this creative Mermaid tail!
Featuring 21" shape "Sea Shell Ombre" #27246

Here Kitty Kitty

How cute is this bewitching cat wearing an air-fill witch's hat?
Featuring 21" shape "Black Cat" #28098

Halloween Hearth

This pastel organic swag is a trendy alternative to traditional Halloween decor!
Featuring 21" Shape "Cute Ghost" #28101

Tropical Table

Leaves and greenery make a lush setting for so many different party themes.
Featuring 21" Shape "Tropical Philodendron" #87961


This wreath is a perfect decor accent for any occasion.
Featuring 21" shape "Fall Glittergraphic Ombre Leaf" #19957

Game on!

We have something for everyone with this mega-cool gamer-themed design.
Featuring 21" shape "Game Controller" #27278

Ferociously Fun!

Ferocious or fierce, this dino design delivers epic birthday fun!
Featuring 21" shape "Cute & Colorful Stegosaurus" #27276

Ready for Santa

A stocking full of treats nestled in balloon "gifts"... all you need is cookies and milk!
Featuring 21" Shape "Christmas Stocking" #28118