The unique process of making our SuperAgate® latex balloons yields a beautiful product varying in color and marbling. Learn how each color combination has evolved over the years to have their own personalities and specific uses!

Available in 11" and 30" round, these unique balloons help you create "wow" effects that amaze and impress clients!

For a groovy 1960's theme, mix all the SuperAgate colors with our tie-dye balloons for a perfect match!

Black & White SuperAgate

Crisp & clean like a freshly pressed tuxedo, these balloon decor superstars help create a sophisticated vibe perfect for formal corporate events, weddings, and much more. 

Red & White SuperAgate

Just like a candy cane, these sweet balloons are great for Christmas and Valentine's decor or any candy-themed party!

Traditional SuperAgate

This one has "all the colors" making it a natural for circus themed decor or a tie-dye client request.

Fashion SuperAgate

Often referred to as the "unicorn balloon," the Fashion SuperAgate pairs perfectly with pink and purple decor often used in unicorn themed parties.

Blue SuperAgate

For underwater decor, you can't beat these blue beauties to recreate the feel of being under the sea! Or, look up, and create a perfect blue sky with a canopy over your guests' heads.

Green SuperAgate

Create lush greenery for a jungle themed party.

Yellow Orange SuperAgate

Here comes the sun with these cheerful balloons.

Red Orange SuperAgate

Balloons so hot, they look like they're on fire! They also make a great "Mars" in an outer space design.

Pink Violet SuperAgate

This one's for the fans of all things pink and purple! Whether it's for a princess theme, tie-dye, or unicorns, it fits in perfectly!

For Added Effect

Double-stuffing with SuperAgates allows you to create endless combinations to customize your designs and give them a little texture. Here are just a few combinations we like!


Pearl Lavender ▲Fashion SuperAgate = Peri Swirl


Quartz Purple ▲B&W Superagate = Black Opal


Sapphire Blue ▲B&W Superagate = Moody Blue


Emerald Green ▲B&W Superagate = Malachite


Pearl White ▲Black & White Superagate=White Marble