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Catch the Wave!

Magical mermaids, shimmering shells, smiling sharks, and so much more... we've got everything you need to create the perfect underwater party theme!

See Under the Sea themed balloons here!

Balloon "Under the Sea" Accents

  • 260Q Curlies help create "waves" in your design and are perfect for octopus legs!
  • Create Precision Bubbles with a Diamond Clear 260Q to give the illusion of air bubbles. 
  • Blue SuperAgate balloons give the impression of water in your design
  • Make a Hermit Crab with these step-by-step instructions
  • Use a balloon net or fishing net in your design! Use it to hold balloons in place or simply twist it into your design for added texture.


Inspiration from Qualatex

Marketing Resources

Promote "Under the Sea" themed balloons on your social media with this collection of square and story-sized posts in static and animated versions!

How-To Videos

Follow along with the supremely talented Jackie Ochitwa, CBA, as she teaches how to create a beautiful, purple-haired mermaid. It's perfect as an option for birthday decor or a gift on it's own!

Cam & Eve share some creative delivery designs and adorable headbands in this Happy Hour episode.

Nicole Greg, CBA show you how to make the "unicorn of the sea" in this Balloon Magic video.

Cam & Eve demonstrate how to make a realistic looking Jellyfish in this Happy Hour episode.

Balloon Wonderland

An entire section of the Balloon Wonderland build was dedicated to Under the Sea. Read the article here for more ideas!

Instagram Inspiration