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How to Build an Alternate Square Pack Wall


An alternate square pack wall is made up of columns with alternating sizes of 4-balloon clusters on each layer. Those columns are then attached horizontally to create a solid plane with various patterns or designs. Watch as Chris Adamo, CBA, demonstrates the simple yet effective technique of alternate square pack walls to create an ice cream truck photo op.

Quick Tips for Alternate Square Pack Walls

  • Common sizing for alternate square pack walls is 7” and 9” – with 9” being the largest size suggested to maintain a rounded shape to the balloon. The 2” size reduction allows the 7” quad to sit within the footprint of the 9” quad, flattening the edges. However, you can reduce both sizes to create more “pixels” within the design and allow for more detail.
  • It is helpful to number the bottom of each column with a marker to help you keep track of the order. This is especially important in confusing, detailed designs.
  • Notice that the sizing along the bottom of the wall alternates between big and small. Therefore, when building, remember to alternate the size of the bottom row. Make a note that odd numbered columns start with 7”, and even numbered columns begin with 9”.
  • In this example, Chris built an ice cream truck photo op to show the versatility of the alternate square pack method. The same technique can be used to build solid walls and sculptures of all types!
  • There are many different methods for attaching the columns horizontally – from rubber bands or 260Qs to monofilament or Dacron line – if the columns are compressed with a reasonable amount of force, you should find the process that best suits you.
  • Use the Balloons Online Design Tool Chris built to easily customize any alternate square pack wall design you like.

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Q&A with Chris Adamo, CBA