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How to Build a Duplet Square Pack Wall


A duplet square pack wall is made up of a series of square pack columns connected to each other horizontally.  When attached, the columns can create a wide array of designs from colorful textures to corporate logos. Watch as Chris Adamo, CBA, demonstrates the duplet square pack wall method for his mountain scene design.

Quick Tips for Duplet Square Pack Walls

  • Square pack columns are created using duplets, not 4-balloon clusters. This will create the four smooth sides of the column, rather than the traditional round column.
  • The first step in designing your wall is establishing your canvas.  How many balloons wide and tall will your wall be?  Do you have set dimensions the wall must fit within?  This will also determine the inflation size for your balloons.
  • After each duplet square pack wall you create, document your inflation size and the dimensions of the wall so you have a reference for the future. This will help you when determining inflation sizes and the number of columns needed to fill a specific space.
  • It is helpful to number the bottom of each column with a marker to help you keep track of the order.  This is especially important in confusing, detailed designs.
  • There are many different methods for attaching the columns horizontally – from rubber bands or 260Qs to monofilament or Dacron line – you should find the process that best suits you.
  • The video shows a wall using 11” balloons.  However, for more detailed designs, 5” balloons are recommended to create more “pixels” within the space.
  • Add an extra dimension to your wall by using the same techniques and extending the columns horizontally on the floor like Chris did with the water in his design.
  • Use the Balloons Online Design Tool Chris built to easily customize any duplet square pack wall design you like (tutorial video below).

QBN Exclusive:  Material List, Sizing, and Sketch Plans of Mountain Wall

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Q&A with Chris Adamo