Millennials have grown up documenting their lives on social media. This has led to a rise in the popularity of photo booths. Balloon decorators offer customers a unique alternative to the photo booth: a balloon photo frame – the perfect way for guests to interact and create lasting memories!

Portable Photo Frame Fun

A portable photo frame gives party guests the ability to carry the frame anywhere, which means more candid photos for your client. 

Portable photo frames are made with minimal or no framework. Weave the party colors together to create a colorful, fun frame or tie a series of Quick Link Balloons into a square or circle for an easy and economical option. Add value with twisted figures that match the theme of the party. 

Photo Stations

Make your photo frame the most popular part of the party. Create the shape of your photo frame using wire or conduit. The most common design is a square or rectangular conduit frame held up by a central stem. A simple and effective option is creating clusters using the party colors and wrapping them onto the conduit. 

If the client wants a more elaborate photo frame, you can enhance your design in a number of ways. One popular trend is organic balloon decor photo frames. Instead of uniformly-sized balloons, use balloons of different sizes and textures. If done correctly, this design gives decor a striking look that is sure to make clients happy. 

Be sure to inquire about the demographics of the party. A frame on a pedestal may not work if there are a lot kids at the party. They are likely to be too short to make it into the frame for a photo.

Whether fun and portable or elegant and stationary, photo frames are a profitable addition to any balloon artist’s repertoire. Photo frames are simple to create but they make a huge impact. Customers will love them!

More Photo Frame Inspiration

For more information about photo frames and a simple tutorial on how to make a frame out of Ikea NOT lamp stands, read Sue’s photo frame article on The Very Best Balloon Blog.

Thank you to the following balloon artists for providing their work to be featured as inspiration: