Coordinated balloon special effects have never been easier with Q-Boom® from Qualatex! From balloon drops, flying confetti, or surprising reveals, Q-Boom® is your new answer to wow clients.

Introductory Offer - $199 through December 2018

For more information on availability or purchasing, contact a distributor or call Pioneer Balloon Company at 1-800-999-5644.

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Q-Boom® Components

Q-Boom® Kit

Includes 1 Receiver, 1 Transmitter, 1 Set of Batteries, Customized Tool for Replacing Batteries, and Instructions

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Add additional Transmitters or Receivers for unique effects and large events.

Storage Case

Transport your tools in style with the Q-Boom® Storage Case.  Holds up to 4 transmitters, 4 receivers, batteries for both, and tool for replacing batteries.

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State-of-the-art wireless Transmitter sends signals to multiple receivers.

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Easy-to-attach Receiver includes flexible cable for rigging

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Q-Boom® Features

  • No pyrotechnics or hot wires involved
  • Signal strength for events big or small
  • Secure frequencies allow staggered effects in one room

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