The best kind of decor makes the maximum impact for minimal time spent. No balloon decor trend exemplifies this better than attaching tassels to large, helium-filled balloons. With the variety of Qualatex latex colors, large Microfoil designs and the plethora of ribbon and tissue options, your customers will love the wide array of combinations you offer!

Tissue Tassels


1. Stack three sheets of tissue paper and fold back into packaged size (folded in half length-wise, folded in half width-wise, folded into thirds) Locate non-folded end.

2. Cutting toward folded end, cut a quarter inch strip along fold side, leaving about 1 inch uncut at the top.
3. Cut the rest into ½ inch strips.

4. Unfold completely (sheet should be fringe on both sides and a two-inch strip in the middle).

5. Find the middle of the sheet width-wise, and tear into two equal pieces. Roll completely and fold in the middle.

6. Twist the middle into a loop and attach to the ribbon under the large balloon with 260Q scrap.

MasterBow Tassels


1. Using your desired colors of Qualatex Poly Ribbon, cut three strips two arm-lengths long. 

2. Stack onto each other and fold in half.
3. Cut a triangle at the fold.

4. Tie at triangular cut and tear into quarters.
5. Repeat three more times and tie to the ribbon under large balloon three to four inches apart.

Watch Qualatex trainer Kerry Ferguson, CBA, demonstrate how to make tassels using Qualatex Poly Ribbon.