Wedding business is back! Even though many couples are choosing to keep their wedding parties small and intimate, and others are sharing their big day via technology, the demand for statement decor is greater than ever.

Color is the new white

Wedding palettes are trending toward bolder and warmer tones, giving balloon artists the opportunity to create luxurious decor in creative colors not typically seen before. 

Use our custom color brochures to create a special color requested by the couple, or share it with your clients to help inspire them in their search for a unique theme. Our newly released Neutral & Muted brochure has all the trendy colors!

Learn New Skills!

Join acclaimed balloon artist Tope Abulude, CBA, and learn designs to wow the most discerning of customers! In this recording of a live webinar that originally aired on May 19, 2021, Tope will demonstrate several pieces suitable for any elegant affair. Included in his designs will be a centerpiece, photo frame, organic arrangements, all in the trending colors of 2021. Purchase "Enchanted Elegance" here.

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