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Boho balloon decor may appear to be a casually "thrown together" look, but it's actually a carefully curated vignette, exuding decadent sophistication and femininity.

You'll definitely use organic balloon decor skills to ensure that your designs look imperfectly perfect while creating an atmosphere reminiscent of free spirits from the 1960s and 1970s.

Set the stage for an informal wedding, birthday, baby shower, or any other celebration using a mix of any of the elements featured on this page!

At right: A very Boho baby shower

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Color Palettes Inspired by Nature

While neutrals rule in Boho design, using muted shades of any colors found in nature can be featured. Use the Qualatex Custom Colors chart to help you pick your party palette.

Natural Accents

Enhance your balloon designs with pampas grass, rattan furniture, jute rugs, macramé and feathery florals for a perfect backdrop for the guest(s) of honor. Artificial grass backdrops/walls are also trending.


Whimsical rainbows in non-traditional palettes add a bit of fun to Boho decor. Try a rainbow balloon mosaic or 260Q rainbow in colors to complement your party theme. Rainbow cutouts make a good backdrop for the festivities as well!


Like the moongates found in Chinese gardens, these balloon moongates can provide an inviting entrance to another area of your event. They can also be a background for photo ops, as the altar for a wedding, and much more!


Whether they're tiny for a children's slumber party or large for outdoor celebrations, the tent is one of the must-have Boho party accessories! Their shape makes them perfect for draping organic balloon garlands around the opening.

Popular Boho Props & Additions:

  • Macrame
  • Pampas Grass
  • Dried Palm Leaves
  • Tall Rainbows
  • Canvas Tents 
  • Rattan Furniture
  • Wood and Natural Elements
  • Cream Pillows with Texture
  • Low Tables for Al Fresco Dining
  • Chrome Accents in Gold, Copper, or Rose Gold