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How-To: Intermediate Figure

Monkey with Apple by Jackie Ochitwa, CBA

This monkey is the apple of our eye!



160Q Mocha Brown 1
260Q Blush 1
260Q Caribbean Blue 1
260Q Mocha Brown 1
321Q Red 1
5" Lime Green 1

The Artist

Jackie Ochitwa, CBA
With a Twist Balloon Creations
Airdrie, Canada


Step 1

Inflate a Caribbean Blue 260Q, leaving 5” uninflated. Squeeze and stretch before making six 3” loop twists to create a 6-petal flower.


Step 2

Inflate a Mocha Brown 260Q and Blush 260Q. Leave 5”uninflated on each and tie the necks together. Make a 1” pinch twist with the Blush.


Step 3

Create a 5” loop twist in the Mocha Brown and wrap it into the pinch twist. Then create two 3” bubbles in the Mocha Brown and Blush and twist together.


Step 4

Make a 1” pinch twist in the Blush, followed by a 5” loop twist in the Mocha Brown, then twist the Mocha Brown back into the pinch twist.


Step 5

Make a 4” bubble in the Blush and bring it across. Do the same with the Mocha Brown.


Step 6

Create a 5” bubble with the Blush, bring it across the other two Blush bubbles, and wrap it into the pinch twist on the opposite side. Push the pinch twists on each side into the Mocha Brown loop twists to finish the ears.


Step 7

Push the air out as you twist the Mocha Brown and Blush balloons together under the head.


Step 8

Twist a 2 ½” bubble with the Mocha Brown and Blush together. Make two 1” pinch twists in the Blush balloon to create the monkey’s bottom. Remove the remainder of the Blush.


Step 9

Twist two 2 ½” loop twists for the front feet into the pinch twist. Make a 3” bubble, tie, remove the air, and wrap the tail into the neck to form the body.


Step 10

Inflate a Mocha 160Q, leaving 5” uninflated. Tie into the neck. Create a 3” bubble followed by three ½” pinch twists, then another 3” bubble. Tie off and wrap into the neck. Remove remainder.


Step 11

Fully inflate and deflate a Mocha Brown 160Q, then make a curly-q balloon. Pinch the balloon at the halfway point, tie, and release the air. Save the remaining balloon for the bracelet.


Step 12

Pull the tail between the legs, then wrap onto the Caribbean Blue flower. Pull the air from the rest of the 160Q and make a loop for the bracelet.


Step 13

Add artwork.


Step 14

Pull the air from a 5" Lime Green and tie close to the nozzle. Inflate a Red 321Q to 3”. Push the Lime Green knot into the Red 321Q to create a marriage twist, tie the tail of the 321Q around the knot, then push it back inside. Add artwork. 


Step 15

Use 321Q tail to wrap into the pinch twists of the hands.