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How-To: Basic Wearable

Throwback Figure: Bonehead Hat by Royal Sorell, CBA

Bad to the bone, this trendy, skull-shaped Hat is ideal for Halloween, but can also be used at pirate events, birthday parties, and more. Use your head to come up with other uses!


2 White 260Q
1 White 11"

The Artist


Royal Sorell, CBA


Step 1

Inflate an 11" White Round to 7”, leaving a ½” uninflated neck. Squeeze the air into the neck to make a 4” bubble, then tie the nozzle back into the twist to make a pinch twist.


Step 2

Inflate a White 260Q, leaving 3” uninflated. Starting at the nozzle, make two 2” loop twists. Push the air to the end of the balloon and repeat at the opposite end. Fold the long section of the 260Q in half and make one 2” loop twist in the center.


Step 3

Twist the center loop twist between the two bubbles on the 11" Round.


Step 4

Inflate a second White 260Q, wrap it around the recipient’s head, and make a loop. Twist the skeleton to the center of the remaining 260Q on the Hat base, then wrap the end of the 260Q to the opposite side of the Hat. Add artwork.