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About this Issue

Qualatex Artist Feature Series #2: Pivoting Like a Pro

These balloon business owners faced the greatest challenge of our time like a pro! Read on for how they managed to adjust their business plans (and lives) to start a new venture during (or right before) the pandemic!

On the Cover: @missdonnaballoons

About This Series

We are highlighting balloon artists, both long-time professionals and those new to the industry, who excel at key business and balloon artistry elements. Future issues will be dedicated to:

  • Masters of Color Mixing
    When it comes to double-stuffing latex balloons to create the perfect color match, these Masters of Color Mixing have it down to a science! Read on for their tips & tricks on how to achieve the ideal color match and impeccable palettes.
  • Super Special Deliveries
    Lights… music… ACTION! Turning a routine balloon delivery into an experience can make all the difference for your sales. Learn how these businesses have put their unique spin on deliveries and be inspired to find your own difference maker!
  • E-commerce Excellence
    What do you need to know to succeed at online sales? These prolific balloon businesses share their tips & tricks on best platforms to manage e-commerce and to integrate with digital marketing to achieve maximum excellence!
  • Let’s Twist Again!
    These balloon entertainment pros turn boring line work into a true experience for children around the world. Learn how their unique ways of keeping a crowd enthralled while they wait have turned into game changers for their business!
  • Social Media Superstars
    New social media platforms appear faster than most of us can keep up with! These balloon artists have made it their business to know which platform to use and when, and create content that gets attention. Learn more about how they manage and measure their campaigns!
  • Personalization Pros
    You don’t have to be an artist to provide personalized balloons… but you can be. Whether it’s by painting, using vinyl cutouts, or adding other DIY touches to provide a custom product, these artists share their tips on how to provide unique balloons for all price points.
  • Decorators to the Stars
    The dream job everyone aspires to: decorating for television or movies, a major concert or sports event, or providing personal party decor for the famous! These artists share behind-the-scenes challenges and successes that keep the stars coming back for more!