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Designer Showcase

Maria Dina Galura

About Maria

Calgary Party 50
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Prior to becoming a self-taught organic balloon artist, Maria Dina Galura spent a decade in Industrial Engineering specializing in Project Management, preparing her for her entrepreneurial efforts. Her work was featured on the cover of the Qualatex Images Magazine "Color Issue.”

Maria’s Basic Double Stuffing Guide

Lighter: Use white, ivory; both inside or outside

Darker: Use black, chocolate brown, navy; inside only

Satin finish: Use pearl outside

Solid Matte finish: Use 2 solid colors

Intense and Bolder: Use jewel and solid version of the same color to achieve a denser hue

Exotic Hues: Jewel balloons with the chrome series or agate series inside for textures.

Mix contrast colors: for example, yellow over dark blue makes the best chartreuse shade

Monotone: Use one balloon color on the outside and use varying colors inside. It's a beautiful exercise of patience but once you find it, jackpot.

Her “Go-to Tools” for color matching:

  • Qualatex Latex Color Portfolio
  • Qualatex Instagram Custom Color posts
  • Qualatex 2022 Essentials Catalog
  • Pantone Color Guide

Catalogue and make notes of your current pairing and build it with premium options as you discover better mixes.

Pro Tip from Maria

Maria's Favorite Custom Color: Royal Velvet

“Sparkling Burgundy stuffed with Onyx Black is like fine wine in the best balloon form,” she says. “Parallel to balloon mixing, the optimum pair is best created when intention is a core value. What will it look like under the lights, how it will be a wildcard hue in the installation, how it elevates the balloon art: like a fine wine does with a paired meal.”


Pink has a hundred shades and the Q2 series can deliver it all.

says Maria of her top-selling color.

The Business of Custom Color

“Double-stuffing is one minor factor, not an entire roadblock to booking a balloon order,” says Maria of her premium pricing strategy. Her premium package executes the client’s vision, mixed with her experienced palette choice, and pricing includes the extra cost of resources. “I walk through the material planning, handling, working with weight, risk of popping during setup, and balloon inventory status for double-stuffed balloons. Clients have an open mind, thankfully,” says Maria.

For orders with less than 10% in custom colors, she does not charge premium pricing, noting that she double-stuffs only when it is needed for the look desired.


Jewel balloons stuffed with dark or chrome tones always exudes sophistication. The gloss is amazing and the tone is richer, immediately catching the spectator’s eye.

Maria Dina Galura