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Event Recap

Ice Cream Candyland

This very special area of the build was a nod to Henri's Starlite Scoops at GKTWV - a space-themed ice cream parlor where families can enjoy ice cream morning, noon, or night. 

This final section in the tour of Balloon Wonderland provided lasting memories for guests to take with them! They entered through rainbow tunnels sitting on whipped cream clouds, and emerged to the vision of the Rainbow Fountain. This 10-foot tall conical metal and PVC structure covered in six stripes of rainbow hues flowed upward to a balloon ceiling covered in sections of 3-foot and larger balloons in the same colors. 



It was wonderful working with everyone. Also, twisting for the kids, so many of them told me that Starlite Scoops was their favorite place in the village. Our area brought so much joy to everyone and I will always remember that.

Stephanie Morace

The Starlite Scoops sign was recreated with balloons. Throughout the area, whimsical ice cream and candy sculptures provided delight to all.

Featured Technique

Three dimensional balloon walls formed the Candy Cotton Woods that enclosed the area. The 5-foot thick walls were layered in three sections, with cotton candy trees popping out between levels to add depth. The use of three-dimensional balloon walls, assembled in smaller pieces and then layered together, allowed the team to work more efficiently in the same space as 300 other artists working on the huge build. 

How-To Videos

Try these techniques and use them in your decor!

The Ice Cream Candyland Team

*Captain | ** Team Leader 

Amy Albanese
Khlaed al-Sheddi
*Paul Baker, CBA
Yolanda Batten
Ingrid Bollat
Jacqui Cohen, CBA
Adel De Chavez
Laura De santos
Amy DesChenes
Marie Dubois, CBA
Clara Evrard
Jacque Evrard, CBA
*Bonnie Fisher
Espino Francisco
Monica Giraldo
Patricia Gresham
Dana Habib, CBA
Ana Hayson

*Darren Huffman
**Saskia Hurtares, CBA
Amber Iqbal
Kerry James, CBA
Sophia Jean
*Debi Leidel
Matthew Lewis, CBA
Antionette Logan
Ingrid Malpica
Alexis Manjarrez
Ana Mendoza, CBA
Maria Mendoza
Damari Mercader
Sirga Mercader, CBA
Stephanie Morace
Renee Morgan

Yadaliss Ortiz
Keila Paez
Loly Perlmutter
Claudia Racanelli
Nely Raxón, CBA
Sharmaine Robinson
Alexandra Rodriguez
Kelly Santiago
Kelly Santos
Claudia Sessa
Jacqueline Smith
Kseniya Stinkova, CBA
Shelley Thibault, CBA
Korene Tom
Lydia Vasile
*Alexandra Ventura, CBA
**Ellie Ventura, CBA
Aimee Vidal
Daniel Zambrano