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Event Recap

Amberville Toy Land

This magical build was based on the real-life Amberville Train Station at the Give Kids The World (GKTW) Village. The focal point was a toy train, complete with a 9-foot tall and 14-foot long engine (with an engineer!), carriage car and two flatbed cars. Approximately 100 feet of balloon walls defined the boundaries of the space. Walls of green and blue mountains, a "tunnel," and a castle wall provided a backdrop for the train's travels. 


This charity puts so much love into every little detail to make this place special for the families it serves. I put my whole heart into this project to make it as amazing as possible.

Cam Woody, CBA, Team Captain

Because Christmas is celebrated year-round at the park, the build team incorporated a toy land feel to their area. A 12-foot tall Christmas tree decorated with GKTW "wishes stars" was surrounded by:

  • elves
  • various sizes of giant presents
  • a huge teddy bear
  • a little girl riding a rocking horse
  • a boy flying a kite
  • toy airplanes in the air
  • a larger-than-life Jack in the Box

Featured Techniques

Learn how to make the wheels used on the toy train.

The Amberville Toy Land Team

*Captain | ** Team Leader 

Shanta Abraham
*Greg Arrigoni, CBA
Garlis Bolivar, CBA
Gregory Brosman
Butch Brosman
Amy Brown, CBA
Juan Concepcion
Maureen Denne, CBA
**Claudia Diaz
*Kerry Ferguson
Nayeli Fernandez
Anna Maria Fiore, CBA
Mary Garibay
Vanessa Gaudio
**Ruti Grodzinsky, CBA
Gina Gutiérrez, CBA
Roxana Gutierrez
Zulma Gutiérrez

Claudia Guzman
Selena Guzman
Bob Halliday, CBA
Kayla Huff
LaWanda Jones, CBA
Lorenis Jordan, CBA
Sheila Kepic
Doymar Lago
Barbara Levinson, CBA
**Sandra McKeon, CBA
Maria Fernanda Morales
Andrea Morgan, CBA
Marilyn Morrey
Jennifer Najarro
Anna Nelson
CJ Nelson, CBA
Kevin Oliveira
Jessenia Orantes, CBA

Rhonda Pearson, CBA
Noelia Rivera, CBA
Andrea Roberge
Silvia Rodriguez
Blanca Romero
Yendira Rosario
Marifed Salas
Gloria So
Naomi Spencer
Meredith Stacy
Michelle Sverrisson
Ketrauh Thornton
Victoria West
David Williams, CBA
*Cam Woody, CBA
Diana Yoklan
Maria Yturralde