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Decoraciones Globos: Delivering Joy


Genesis Nieves, CBA, and Iravid Nieves, CBA have made a career out of working with products that inflate. Nine years ago, the two started a business that rented bounce houses for corporate events and private parties. After being continually asked to provide balloons and other decor, they saw an opportunity and launched their now highly successful company known as Decoraciones Globos.

“Decorations with balloons is our specialty…balloon bouquets and surprise decorations. For event decorations, we have created different designs like the balloonfalls (large scale helium balloon wall), amazing balloon towers for celebrations such as Christmas, graduations, and especially New Year's."

The transition from bounce houses to balloons was deliberate and methodical. “Back in our country, Venezuela, we trained and prepared ourselves with CBA instructors, course after course. At the same time, we went to Argentina and USA to keep us on track and updated with the trending decoration at that moment, and we enjoyed it so much and learned so many things that we decided to focus just on what we are nowadays.”

Today, Decoraciones Globos has locations in Venezuela and the USA. The Venezuela store in Caracas is located in a shopping mall and has 10 employees. Designs are available for purchase onsite or are assembled by the team at the event location. The Miami, Florida location operates as an online business, with a warehouse serving as the storage and prep center. Both places are busy with bouquet requests for birthday surprises, expressions of love, births, and engagements, as well as corporate and other private parties.

The Decoraciones Globos Balloon Delivery Aesthetic

"Success comes from failure," they explain. That’s how the trademark balloon bouquet style of Decoraciones Globos was born. “We placed an order of a large amount of balloon numbers from China in Caracas. By the time we got them, due to their heaviness, we noticed that they would not float with helium whatsoever, which made several customers to be unsatisfied with the final outcome. It was at that moment when we were in the need of creating numbers with balloon bases. Once we saw the positive reactions on our customer’s faces, we decided to innovate the balloon bouquet by mixing up latex and foil balloons, decorating and making out of them something truly outstanding.” The sisters now recommend only using Qualatex or Northstar foils for their superior quality, which they learned through their use of lower tier products in the past.

For inspiration, they look to each other. “We consider our creativity is endless. Every time we have balloons in our hands, we also have a waterfall of new ideas over us. Genesis always thinks about wild and eccentric decorations, and Iravid focuses more on the details, such as the harmony that the colors have in the decoration. We both possess an incomparable taste for decorations, and this makes them unique." Their advice for other artists is to create their style, as having a unique esthetic will almost always guarantee the customer’s return.

The distinct and extraordinary style of Decoraciones Globos has taken them to some very memorable places. “It is a real honor to have created great moments for such awarded urban music artists like Ozuna, Nicky Jam, among others, whom we have gotten incredibly surprised! We feel proud of knowing that our life art has touched everyone's heart around the world, regardless of cultures, religions, or social status. Decorations and bouquets made out of love and joy are greatly appreciated by anyone!”

Genesis and Iravid both agree they’re not just creating and delivering a unique and beautiful gift, but something even more precious: joy. “Every time we deliver one of our Balloon Bouquets, a single dose of joy can’t be missed. Besides the outstanding decoration, we also deliver emotions, always showing our eagerness, saying happy birthday, recording and taking pictures of the magical moment, which makes a great difference as the customers keep a memory of the moment for themselves.”

Business Tips from Decoraciones Globos

To grow their business, social media is a go-to marketing tool. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp have been integral to their continued success. #Decolovers currently boasts over 140,000 YouTube subscribers and 391,000 Instagram followers. As a tribute to their social media success, they received a YouTube Play Button Trophy for its volume of subscribers. (Note: Search YouTube Help for information on how to get your Play Button Award.) Also essential is an up-to-date website and frequent, ongoing education for themselves and their employees.

For anyone just getting started in the business, the partners have this advice:

  • “Be constant. The first thing is to believe that you can truly achieve a wonderful business based on balloons. Believe in yourself!
  • Innovation. In order to succeed in such a creative world, you must constantly create and innovate.
  • You must achieve every goal that you set to yourself. Develop your ideas with discipline and commitment. And what’s more important: enjoy it!”

Sharing their passion and skill for balloon artistry is equally as rewarding for Genesis and Iravid. “Four years ago we started our training classes in Venezuela, and 2 years ago we took them overseas directly to the city of Miami, causing a great impact in our community that wanted to learn how to create our decorations the right way. We gathered people from countries all over the world like Saudi Arabia, Europe (Spain, Italy, Russia, Portugal, England), Australia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Argentina, Brasil, Israel, USA, among others. Our classes sold out with more than 80 people enrolled in each class and our majestic annual Illusion Class with more than 140 people. They are not only classes; we care about creating an experience, a thrill, an unforgettable moment." Both partners relish the idea of motivating and inspiring others to chase their dream of owning a balloon business. "We are witnessing the fact that you can truly make it happen."

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