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Get Carried Away with Hot Air Balloon Decor

Since its invention in 1783, the hot air balloon has become the symbol of a magical journey, lighthearted freedom, or pursuit of one’s hopes and dreams. Because of this, hot air balloon decor has long been a go-to option for babies’ nurseries. The trend has since spread to all types of baby celebrations! A simple 3’ hot air balloon is a quick and easy way to decorate for a new arrival. For a little extra flair, you can add 5” balloons to the 3’ using 260Qs to add texture or patterns.

How to Create a Hot Air Balloon Using 5” Balloons

To produce the hot air balloon in the baby shower decor shown, follow the instructions provided by Eve Antonello, CBA of Pioneer® Balloon Company. This technique is perfect for organic hot air balloons as well! Simply size the 5” balloons randomly to achieve the organic look. Experiment with various sizes, prints and colors to create unique patterns or match specific themes.

Downloadable Images

To promote hot air balloon and cloud-themed baby shower decor, download the following inspirational photos to use on your social media accounts or company website. When you sell the designs, be sure to use The Very Best™ Balloons!

Download images here

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